Electric Turbo Supercharger 49 50 CC Scooter Moped Pit Mini Moto Bike Jet Kit

Electric Turbo Supercharger 49 50 CC Scooter Moped Pit Mini Moto Bike Jet Kit

Electric Turbo Supercharger 49 50 CC Scooter Moped Pit Mini Moto Bike Jet Kit
If you have installed one of these, you will need a jet kit for it. More air, needs more fuel.

This is a JET KIT. These are signs of a. A Jet Kit will fix those issues. Designed to gain a safe 8%-10% in HP with intake/exhaust, 3-4% on bone stock.

By addressing 1/4 throttle, you will feel more power down low. Meaning less shifting to a lower gear, and getting off the line.

6SIGMA JET KIT is a performance upgrade that not only increases power, but allows the engine to run cooler and at optimum, which increases engine component life. Designed to improve all RPM ranges of performance and a quicker throttle response , helps remove the bog. The stock carburetor from the factory is designed to meet Import Regulations... Once you install or modify an exhaust or intake, you have put your bike into a leaner condition that will eventually damage your engine due to additional heat from running lean.

If you notice any exhaust popping, pinging, or exhaust pipe discoloration, you are extremely lean. 6Sigma Jet Kits provide the parts and installation instructions to enrich/modify all the circuits in the carb, to fix this problem, and add performance you can actually feel in the seat. This is not just some jets in a box, where you get to guess at what you need, and pull your carburetor 10 times trying to figure it out, it is a comprehensive Custom Engineered 6Sigma Jet Kit, addressing all throttle positions, throttle response. Each kit is Custom Engineered by 6Sigma to your bike and its modifications. Replacing just the jets does not address.

Throttle, or throttle response, only full throttle. This Kit is for all throttle positions, and throttle response. This is a tuner kit, to get everything out of your bike, that it can give.

We don't just send it to you and hope for the best, we don't stop until your happy. Feel it still needs more on the top end, low end, mid range after installing?

Let us know and we will continue to work with you to make it perfect for how you ride. Kit Custom Engineered EVERY Time. Step by step instructions with photos for ease of installation. Installation Support - If you need assistance we are there for you. Modifications engine, exhaust, intake, filter type etc.

Riding Elevation (height above sea level, and any extreme conditions). Please provide the Specifications in. It feels like a whole new bike. Pulls like hell (for a 450).

Hi, just wanted to say thanks. The jet kit worked like a dream and the flat spot that has always been a problem with my Daytona 1200 has gone.

Hey I just thought I'd let you know that after installing your kit my super tenere is a completely new bike!! Before the kit it stopped pulling at 5500 rpm, after the kit it starts pulling at 6000 all the way to red line but hasn't lost any torque at lower rpms. I just wanted to say thank you! The kit for the GS850 was great, i hope to do alot more business with you. I just opened a small custom shop, mostly cafe racers, and street fighters, and today you made me look like a genius.

81 and 83 XT250's and another kit for my XT550. I bought one before from you and was so impressed I want a second one for my second XT550. Then 2 for my 2 old XT250's. This is an 83 gs750 with pods and an open header at sea level. Ive had 3 of your kits for customers and they all work great.

Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks. I now have the means and the knowledge to be able to re-jet in the future ie. When I add less restrictive pipe. Before the kit was fitted, the bike would not rev past 5000 and the idle was lumpy and unpredictable but now it idles smoothly and pulls like train right up to the rev limit.

Had I gone to a local bike shop I know I would have been charged more than the kit cost, and I doubt the results would have been as successfull, in fact only expensive dyno time with a trained technician might have been able to replicate this result. Please feel free to use this testimonial in any way that you feel fit. (a very, very happy SR500 owner).

Just wanted to thank you. I installed your jet kit per your instructions and my surging problem is gone! Also much more pep through mid and top end. Im anxious to get a ride in tomorrow to check the plugs. Just wanted to give you some feedback on my jetting kit.

It's really helped out with the the entire rev range and idles alot cooler than before. The bike is a full on wheelie machine. Dear 6 Sigma, After installing your jet kit my 2007 yz250f is a different motorcycle.

Completely eliminated the bog issue I was having. Excellent instructions and value once again. Finished the mods and installed the carbs Friday night, test drove it today... Roared to life and growled like a angry beast - awesome! The best part - it purred like a kitten while cruisin down the highway, and idled the same at the lights. The best part was when the light changed from red to green... Combined with the new air filtration system, the kerker and the jet kit, it must have 20 more HP than stock. Screams when the throttle is rolled past the 1/2 way point. Thanks a gazillion for the huge improvement! Thank you for your follow-up and not forgetting about us and the situation with the CB750. We definitely appreciate your due diligence in researching and sharing your findings.

Also, thank you in advance for sending these additional jets which I cam certain will do the trick for that bike! Have a very Merry Christmas...

To you and the entire 6Sigma Team/Families!!! -Joseph B B R, Inc. WOW, what a great fix!!!!!! We went from 10 minute minimum warm up and still riding w/ choke, to 3 minutes and go like hell. Instructions were great, and we are extremely happy. Thank you for your knowledge and instruction. The kit comes with complete instructions for installation. It is easy, just take it slow and pay attention. It is a straight forward process, and we offer full support, instructions, and a complete carb schematic. Only basic hand tools are required.

Our goal is to provide a quality upgrade for your bike at a reasonable cost. We have worked very hard to keep our overhead low and practice Lean Manufacturing concepts, and are able to pass along those savings to our customers. Q: Is this kit for all (1,2,3,4,6) carbs on my bike? A: Yes, 1 Kit is for all the carbs on the bike.

You only need to order 1 Kit for your bike. Q: What size jets come in this kit? A: Each kit is different, based on the bike, modifications, and operating altitude, so jet sizes vary. Q: What Stage (1-7) is this kit?

A: Each kit is different, based on the bike, modifications, and operating altitude, so the Stage varies. Q: Do I need a jet kit? A: If you have made any modifications, or just want a little more performance out of your stock bike, then yes you do need a kit.

Q: Can I install this kit? A: Yes, you can install it. Don't be intimidated if you've never done this before, only very basic skills are needed, and it has instructions with full support.

Q: How long does it take to install? A: Time varies, but it is directly related to the # of carbs on your bike. Allow at least 1/2 hour per carb. Q: Does this kit come with everything I need?

A: Yes, it is a comprehensive performance upgrade kit. Not to be confused with a basic rebuild kit. Q: I just bought an intake/exhaust, why do I need this? Then send us back the items with return costs at your charge.

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Electric Turbo Supercharger 49 50 CC Scooter Moped Pit Mini Moto Bike Jet Kit